Team/Meeting Room Information

A limited amount of team rooms are available. Please contact Luis Salinas  or Barbara Swafford if you are interested in purchasing one for your school or club. For payment, make checks out to Texas Chess Association or TCA.

What are team rooms and why should you consider purchasing one?

Team rooms are used as a central base of operations for a team. This is useful as your kids will not be running around the hotel but will be in one central location when they are done with their games. It is easier to keep track of the team's players and to make sure that the players do not get lost or in trouble. A team room allow for a coach or hired instructor to more easily go over the student's games without other players or teams interrupting or scouting.

Team rooms also allow for one or two responsible individuals to watch over and care for whole team. Outside food is not allowed, but sometimes the hotels have a contract with certain pizza places and will allow pizzas to be delivered. Sometimes hotels do not enforce the outside food rule, but you should not depend on this. I will post more information about this as it becomes available. Generally the hotel provides water stations for the team rooms.  If internet access is required, there will be an extra charge.

Where are the team rooms located?  The team rooms are located  2nd floor  and 3rd floor of the Sheraton Dallas. The main tournament playing area is on the 2nd floor in the conference center.  The Team rooms will be available from Saturday Morning to Sunday evening.

Are table and chairs included in the room?  Yes table and chairs are included, note that the hotel uses most of the tables for the playing area, so you may have to get two x18" tables to make a table. Hotels also like giving round tables for the team room. Please let me know your requirements.


Pearl 1 [25' x 17', 425 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $450 - Chess Plus       

Pearl 2 [25' x 17', 425 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $450 - Ed Downs Elementary 

Pearl 3 [20' x 17', 340 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $425 - Austin Area Homeschoolers

Pearl 4 [26' x 25', 650 sq ft ] - Team Room, Cost is $650 - Fort Worth Academy/Trinity Valley School

Pearl 5 [26' x 21', 546 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $600  - Harry Shimotsu Elementary

Seminar Theater - TCA Membership Meeting.

Austin Ballroom [146' x 58', 7667 sq ft] - High School, Blitz, Bughouse

Press Club - Vendor Room.



Trinity 1 [44' x 19' 836 sq ft.] - Team Room, cost is $800 - Arlington Classics Academy

Trinity 2 [39' x 19', 741 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $750

Trinity 3 [30 x 19', 570 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $575 - James Carson Elementary

Trinity 4 [24' x 27', 648 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $650 

Trinity 5 [25' x 27', 675 sq ft] - Team Room, Cost is $650 - Russell Elementary


Houston Ballroom [7560 sq ft] - Main Skittles Room