Advance Registrations. 2018 Texas Scholastic Championships (786 players) - 3/9/2018 3:13 PM

for updates, bye requests, section changes, corrections email Barbara Swafford

if everything is correct in the line for your player, they are set. no need to come to the tournament for registration. there is no "check in" for players.

they will receive a tournament booklet at their round 1 board which includes information about the tournament and notation sheets at the back.


NameSectionRtngIDUSCF exp.Byes rdsTeamEMailGradeFlag
Lin, DacheyHS Championship2340131478543/31/2019 PWSTSH   
Liu, BoveyHS Championship2328138625945/31/2019   11 
Capocyan, Sam LandHS Championship22261379795811/30/2018 SLKEMP 12 
Hullahalli, AdarshHS Championship22201521335811/30/2018 DTAMS 11 
Moore, AlexHS Championship2162149152544/30/2018 PWSTSH 12 
Liu, KevinHS Championship2118147375734/30/2021 CGRENHL 9 
Hawthorn, CharlesHS Championship2113144357189/30/2018 HKINKD 9 
Huo, RannonHS Championship2074144694038/31/2018 SLDULLS 10 
Sonawane, AtharvHS Championship2050149326407/31/20181 PLANOEH 10 
Fan, William GHS Championship2048145029633/31/20182 HBELLR 9 
Nguyen, Khoa MinhHS Championship2027139420604/30/2019 RRRRHS 11 
Ganesh, AnirudhHS Championship20231448078412/31/2019 COPELH 9 
Huang, MaxHS Championship2019150430864/30/2019 KSEVLK 9 
Tsuei, KaiHS Championship2003145900931/31/2020 HPHS 9 
Nguyen, Dang MinhHS Championship1998139420754/30/2019 RRRRHS 9 
Fernandes, NathanielHS Championship19311380802311/30/2019 HSTRJES 10 
Kaieda, GentaHS Championship1903143546223/31/2018 SHARYH 12 
Reza, MaverickHS Championship18831351092011/30/2018 SBENTH 11 
Garcia, MiguelHS Championship18411473673612/31/2018 MSPINER 11 
Stein, PoloHS Championship1821142757946/30/2018 SBENTH 11 
Thomas, Michael DHS Championship1793147933231/31/2019 SBENTH 10 
Wells, StephenHS Championship17661545379111/30/2018 HAWTYI 11 
Naidoo, KylanHS Championship1756140277863/31/2018 HDEBKY 9 
Wong, YianHS Championship1755154608861/31/2019 HAWTYI 11 
Thomas, Reuben JHS Championship1730148765683/31/2019 KLEINHS 12 
Olivares, FabianHS Championship1720139589181/31/20191 SBENTH 12 
Guel, Daniel JHS Championship1704157019033/31/2018 WBOSQHS 11 
Han, PatrickHS Championship1664137502153/31/20192 3z HBELLR 11 
Thatte, PranavHS Championship1662141559027/31/2018 HVNGRD 10 
Chen, AlexHS Championship1635143122633/31/20192 3z HBELLR 11 
Cheng, AngelaHS Championship1635147492524/30/2019 HPHS 9 
Guadiana, GilbertoHS Championship16311576389510/31/2018 HCHAVZ 12 
Ramapriya, SudharsanHS Championship1614153344002/29/2020 RRMCNEL 10 
Marrapu, DhanviHS Championship15851528160411/30/20181 AWSTWD 10 
Gopalakrishnan, PranavHS Championship1578142489937/31/2018 HWSIDE 10 
Patil, SiddhantHS Championship1563146235067/31/2018 MCELKIN 9 
Xue, BrianHS Championship15471483566311/30/20181 HDEBKY 12 
Zhao, JeffHS Championship1509152030914/30/2019 HBELLR 9 
Song, TateHS Championship1506147513353/31/2019 HBELLR 12 
Sun, Justin MHS Championship149614938483*11/30/2017 HBELLRuscf expired10 
Salazar, LillianHS Championship1483151023185/31/2018 SBENTH 11 
Melgoza, ArturoHS Championship14651617367612/31/2018 MCROWE 12 
Llano, Juan HomeroHS Championship1455156743744/30/2018 LUNITD 12 
Mendoza, JoseHS Championship14521610358110/31/2018 HAWTYI 10 
Guerra, Mario LuisHS Championship14361491639410/31/2018 MSPINER 10 
Torres, RobertHS Championship1431133376483/31/2018 SBENTH 12 
Reyna, JacobHS Championship1425152503821/31/2019 SBENTH 10 
Sanchez, DanielHS Championship14131354127010/31/2018 LGRECL 12 
Sullo, JackHS Championship1407146767774/30/20181 HSTPIUS 9 
Bautista, Ilse VHS Championship1403148307284/30/2018 SBVTMA 9 
Perera, DimanthiHS Championship14001547268110/31/2018 HDEBKY 9 
Alarcon, LuisHS Championship13931611805510/31/2019 LUNITD 12 
Murgulet, IoanaHS Championship1373145345773/31/20181 7 CCFLBL 9 
Nunez, AlfredoHS Championship1339159265852/28/2019 LUNITD 11 
Giang, AndyHS Championship13301611037310/31/2018 HCHAVZ 10 
Silva, EmilioHS Championship1316145928744/30/2018 MSPINER 11 
Berg, JacobHS Championship1286154882322/28/2019 HAWTYI 11 
Nunez, Angel SebastianHS Championship1264162821812/28/2019 LUNITD 9 
Cuellar, PedroHS Championship1259159905974/30/2018 EPJEFF 9 
Mendoza, IsaacHS Championship12571582555711/30/2018 MCROWE 12 
Parker, AlexHS Championship1256147693384/30/2019 HPHS 9 
Gutierrez, ErnestoHS Championship1236146591562/28/2019 LUNITD 12 
Wolkiewiez, EliasHS Championship1235158510883/31/20185 HAWTYI 12 
Ravichandar, ShreyaHS Championship1233154542925/31/20181 COPELH 9 
Cervantes, JuanHS Championship12291563779610/31/2018 LGRECL 12 
Garza Jr, DanielHS Championship1229142816303/31/2018 MSPINER 11 
Cienfuegos, BrandoHS Championship1227159608432/28/2019 LUNITD 12 
Nuniz, AnthoneyHS Championship1209162497632/28/2019 LUNITD 11 
Soliz, AngelHS Championship119915103636*1/31/2018 LGRECLuscf expired9 
Gaytan, JoshuaHS Championship11911525610812/31/2018 MSPINER 10 
Romero, Jose OmarHS Championship11611563780110/31/2018 LGRECL 12 
Ayala, Christian JHS Championship1160157445235/31/2018 HCHAVZ 9 
Caballero, BrandonHS Championship1143157075534/30/2018 EPJEFF 9 
Pipkin, IsaiahHS Championship11381526795210/31/2018 HCHAVZ 10 
Jones, Braxton AHS Championship11021544653210/31/2018 HKIPSUN 9 
Healy, MatthewHS Championship1097159363352/29/2020 HPHS 11 
Bryant, JaydenHS Championship1081153167543/31/2018 HDEBKY 10 
Gafford, MarcusHS Championship1071158632273/31/2018 HCHAVZ 11 
Miller, AshlynHS Championship1060156251271/31/2019 KILLEE 9 
Ham, Bryan IHS Championship1054159253082/28/2019 MCACEC 9 
Trevino, ChristianHS Championship10541583950010/31/2019 MSPINER 10 
Keathley, DanielHS Championship10531383591712/31/2018 MCROWE 12 
Flowers, AvaHS Championship1049156382553/31/2019 HWBURY 10 
Duron, MisaelHS Championship1047150968709/30/2018 LUNITD 10 
Acevedo, FranciscoHS Championship1031148850271/31/2019 OSTAMP 10 
Salazar II, RicardoHS Championship1018159195462/28/2019 LUNITD 11 
Robinson, JoshuaHS Championship10171496716510/31/2018 HHRMSA 11 
Abdelghani, KareemHS Championship9951649459310/31/2018 TWCLPRK 11 
Rao, SoniaHS Championship980154230154/30/2018 SABRAND 9 
Acevedo, ManuelHS Championship9711388468312/31/2018 MSPINER 11 
Potu, PratyushHS Championship95313755783*9/30/20141 DTAMSuscf expired  
Sidonio, RicardoHS Championship931159445611/31/2019 HCHAVZ 12 
Cruz, GustavoHS Championship8831502053710/31/2018 MCROWE 9 
Bhattacharya, RishavHS Championship8041587399412/31/2018 MCELKIN 9 
Garza, Marcos AlonzoHS Championship612135727123/31/2019 MSPINER 11 
Biswas, AiishikHS JV U1000996156667513/31/2018 SLCLEMH 9 
Ghosh, DevanikHS JV U1000984156663323/31/2019 SLELKIN 9 
Bailon, JonathanHS JV U10009561610468810/31/2019 CCHUT 9 
Glee, Ravonte LHS JV U1000955150624571/31/2019 KILLEE 11 
Lamping, SamHS JV U1000955162320621/31/20191 LLVEJH 9 
Nickerson, AdrianHS JV U1000948156334423/31/2018 HKIPSUN 10 
George, Da'LonHS JV U10009321544509011/30/2018 HKIPSUN 9 
Paredes, RaulHS JV U10009321617369712/31/2018 MCROWE 12 
Skerlev, DimitriHS JV U1000930137859132/28/2019 ALLEN 11 
Pena, JoeyHS JV U10009291647590110/31/2018 LGRECL 12 
Muhammad, KhariHS JV U1000914151554919/30/2018 HKIPSUN 11 
Aguirre, EmilioHS JV U10008981650874511/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Zamora, JoseHS JV U1000898162522912/28/2019 MCACEC 11 
Torres, Fabian JHS JV U1000890163178683/31/2018 LUNITD 9 
Garcia Jr, CarlosHS JV U1000882162106532/28/2019 LUNITD 12 
Rodriguez, DaemienHS JV U1000863161668901/31/2019 HCHAVZ 10 
Guadiana, DavidHS JV U1000847165926081/31/2019 HCHAVZ 10 
De La Fuente, SaulHS JV U1000845164496859/30/2018 LUNITD 10 
Flores Jr, MiguelHS JV U1000833162121902/28/2019 LUNITD 12 
Ross, DwightHS JV U100081115413903*11/30/2017 HKIPSUN 9 
Garza, Angel GHS JV U1000810158583642/28/2019 LUNITD 12 
Gorecki, MariaHS JV U100081016245706*1/31/2018 LUNITDuscf expired12 
Salazar, CarlosHS JV U1000801161407442/28/2019 LUNITD 10 
Melgoza, RamiroHS JV U1000788162446982/28/2019 MCROWE 9 
Vega, GerardoHS JV U1000770165976681/31/2019 HCHAVZ 11 
Arjona, JoseHS JV U10007671650881311/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Ortiz, CristobalHS JV U1000767162523262/28/2019 MCACEC 11 
Lemus, LuisHS JV U1000766162447032/28/2019 MCROWE 9 
Salazar, HannahHS JV U1000745162523112/28/2019 MCACEC 11 
Sharp Jr, KevinHS JV U100072815445104*10/31/2016 HKIPSUN 9 
Garza, DerekHS JV U10007151649708510/31/2018 MCROWE 10 
Mendez, OmarHS JV U10007151507371811/30/2018 LGRECL 12 
Arispe, Jose RHS JV U10007011650877211/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Cruz, CesarHS JV U100069615684962*10/31/2017 LGRECLuscf expired12 
Solis, LorenzoHS JV U10006801650879311/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Candelaria, MardocheoHS JV U10006781649707010/31/2018 MCROWE 9 
Wells, MatthewHS JV U1000663164453319/30/2018 LUNITD 10 
Beard, Max BradleyHS JV U10006561652821011/30/20187 HSTJON 9 
Hipolito, AnateresHS JV U1000653159293862/28/2019 HCHAVZ 11 
Becerril, JavierHS JV U10006431651745111/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Oh, AaronHS JV U1000639156251122/28/2019 KILLEE 10 
Hernandez, RafaelHS JV U1000634162134482/28/2019 LUNITD 10 
Perez, Alexander XHS JV U1000633155890074/30/2018 HDEBKY 9 
Muhammad, Ismail RHS JV U1000616163112083/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Wells III, WilliamHS JV U1000606164453469/30/2018 LUNITD 12 
Gamez, AntonioHS JV U1000601151359362/28/2019 MCACEC 12 
Doak, RickeyHS JV U1000591166023031/31/2019 HCHAVZ 10 
Oh, ArielHS JV U1000588156251751/31/2019 KILLEE 9 
Briseno, JeremyHS JV U10005841647592210/31/2018 LGRECL 12 
Pachicano, JesusHS JV U1000574158560371/31/2019 LUNITD 12 
Clarke, RaelynHS JV U1000573156251481/31/2019 KILLEE 9 
Cole, KatrielHS JV U10005521503898610/31/2018 SLLOGO 10 
Almanza, Juan LorenzoHS JV U1000535162336832/29/2020 LUNITD 11 
Gilstrap II, TimothyHS JV U1000528163112203/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Jackson, EricHS JV U10005281650875111/30/2018 MCROWE 9 
Irie, TizieHS JV U1000506156246743/31/2019 ARLGTN 9 
Muhammad, AyahHS JV U1000501163111943/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Guel, NathanHS JV U1000472157019183/31/2018 WBOSQHS 11 
Laskin, SarahHS JV U1000456161721442/28/20191 HAWTYI 9 
Cruz, Joshua AHS JV U10004281651746611/30/2018 MCACEC 11 
Salazar, SarahHS JV U1000418162523472/28/2019 MCACEC 11 
Murphy, DavidHS JV U1000392163119153/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Muhammad, Abdul-HakimHS JV U1000363163111883/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Amezquita, SimonHS JV U1000328162523322/28/2019 MCACEC 12 
Cantu III, AntonioHS JV U10003241649797012/31/2018 MCACEC 12 
Muhammad, Abdul-KarimHS JV U1000213163111733/31/2018 MCELVPL 10 
Zecha, CharlieHS JV U1000102163104523/31/2018 WFNDH 10 
Avila, MarioHS JV U1000unr166371222/28/2019 HCHAVZ 11 
Castillo, FernandoHS JV U1000unr166038081/31/2019 EPNHZN 10 
Gonzales, ArturoHS JV U1000unr166318022/28/2019 LUNITD 10 
Greene III, KeithHS JV U1000unr160938389/30/2018 HLAMAR 12 
Howard, DeonHS JV U1000unr166004221/31/2019 HRVOKA 11 
Jones, KymekohHS JV U1000unr   MCELVPL 9 
Law, Lok Hei FelixHS JV U1000unr166470663/31/20191 AWLAKE 10 
Lutz, Evan AndrewHS JV U1000unr1656889712/31/20195 LFNDRCL 11 
Zou, AlvinHS JV U1000unr166258142/28/2019 HPHS 10 
Vivekananthan, AnishMS Championship22541470982512/31/2019 HCRNST 8 
Hung, DanielMS Championship216114504425*1/31/2018 HTHROGuscf expired7 
Peng, PeterMS Championship2161146046586/30/2018 MCQULM 8 
Vaidya, AtreyaMS Championship2122142804222/28/2019 PSCHIMP 7 
Wang, YankeMS Championship2107147932551/31/2019 HLNRMS 7 
Hawthorn, HenryMS Championship2039144357249/30/2018 MCQULM 7 
Gundam, RohitMS Championship2026149083731/31/2019 ACNVST 6 
Kumarappan, GaneshMS Championship2007149202814/30/2019 ACNVST 7 
Zhu, HarveyMS Championship2001144561246/30/2018 MCQULM 7 
Niu, Baron TMS Championship19711470143610/31/2018 PBMILL 8 
Balderas Jr, AdolfoMS Championship19301448046011/30/2018 SBRSCHL 8 
Romo, BenjaminMS Championship1927147142402/28/2019   8 
McNutt, WilliamMS Championship1910147151069/30/2021 SBRSCHL 7 
Ramesh, SreenevashMS Championship1904151218262/28/2019 SABASN 8 
Yang, BenjaminMS Championship1854149636162/28/2019 KBCKDF 6 
Casas, MichaelMS Championship1813149988962/28/2019 SBMJRD 6 
Yellamraju, AmbicaMS Championship1810151050362/28/2019 ACNVST 7 
Archer, DanielMS Championship1808148288865/31/2018 CCOVNT 9 
Yellamraju, AparnaMS Championship1801151050422/28/2019 ACNVST 7 
Karthik, DhruvMS Championship1792148226871/31/20196 7z PRICEM 8 
Zhang, RayMS Championship1765154959309/30/20181 SAGRC 7 
Wang, EricMS Championship1739160541346/30/2019 HPMS 7 
Wu, AaronMS Championship1689154224523/31/2018 PRLDJHW 8 
Ahmed, KabirMS Championship16361518969310/31/2018   6 
Mahajan, JaiMS Championship1577148180572/28/2019 FROACH 7 
Akella, NitinMS Championship1561150048043/31/2019 ACNVST 7 
Lee, AustinMS Championship1561157058383/31/2018 DALCUN 6 
Walmer, BenjaminMS Championship1541157683637/31/2018 HTHROG 7 
Elorza Jr, EliMS Championship15111475717810/31/2018 SBRVRM 8 
Santana Jr, JaimeMS Championship1507150168822/28/2019 SBRSCHL 8 
George, IsaacMS Championship1495151620006/30/20181 7 ALKTRAV 7 
Bautista, ReynaMS Championship1457149045421/31/2019 SBMJRD 8 
Vadlamani, SiddharthMS Championship1455146211651/31/2019 ACNVST 7 
Katam, TejasMS Championship14471450119111/30/20181 FMAUS 8 
Acevedo, Anthony LMS Championship1446147808131/31/2019 SBRSCHL 7 
Lu, HubertMS Championship1446149356349/30/2018 HTHROG 6 
Fun, CalvinMS Championship1440160860849/30/20181 CSMITH 6 
Salinas, Jose LuisMS Championship1424159398641/31/20201 MBGRAY 7 
Relan, MihirMS Championship14081471262010/31/2018 HTHROG 6 
Balasubramanian, SanjayMS Championship1384154312414/30/20181 APEARSN 6 
Gonzalez, Luis EMS Championship1375140861714/30/2019 SBRSCHL 8 
Reistle, JaneMS Championship1340154440336/30/2018 FWSTBR 8 
Hung, JustinMS Championship13361450443111/30/2018 HTHROG 8 
Adams, SterlingMS Championship1317152105009/30/2018 HTHROG 8 
Koushik, DarshanMS Championship12821492148310/31/20181 ACDVLY 7 
Nibber, SumairMS Championship12721609955610/31/2018 HAWTYI 8 
Santosh, AkshayMS Championship1269153501061/31/20191 MCSCOG 6 
Perera, NaymethaMS Championship1259153029804/30/20182 HTHROG 7 
Lerma, GavinMS Championship12561483084411/30/2018 SBCABZ 8 
Deora, ArmaanMS Championship12541580615012/31/2018 TWCSDPK 7 
Aggarwal, RaghavMS Championship12491527431011/30/20191 ACNVST 6 
Deora, SaaniyaMS Championship12311580614412/31/2018 TWCSDPK 7 
Rodriguez, Jason RMS Championship12021613263411/30/2018 SBCABZ 6 
Basepogu, SharonMS Championship12011610915611/30/2018 MCIMAG 8 
Aguilar, NoahMS Championship11991483080211/30/2018 SBCABZ 6 
Venu, GaneshMS Championship1179164108157/31/2018 FRIENDJH 7 
Berman, SamuelMS Championship1176152239671/31/2019 HEMWNR 7 
Marrapu, SakethMS Championship1171154240934/30/20181 AGRSHM 8 
Salinas, OcirisMS Championship1151148249184/30/2018 SBMJRD 7 
Villanueva, ManuelMS Championship11481614589311/30/2018 SBRVRM 8 
Guzman, AlejandroMS Championship11421498699710/31/2018 SBCABZ 7 
Barrera, Andres MMS Championship1137158989464/30/2018 MCMORR 6 
Barrera, Diego CMS Championship1124158989524/30/2018 MCMORR 6 
Vasquez, IzabelMS Championship1114149869762/28/2019 HCOAKL 6 
Luo, LeoMS Championship10941614638811/30/2018 HSPLNE 7 
Loredo, KalebMS Championship10761522859312/31/2018 BMNZAN 6 
Cunningham, CarterMS Championship1071159004662/28/2019 HAWTYI 7 
Gaza, VladMS Championship1065151790631/31/2019 LEAGCYI 6 
Bush, CoryMS Championship10541597610610/31/2018 LKHSTNK 7 
Saenz, IsaacMS Championship10541497099112/31/2018 SBCABZ 6 
Sholokhov, TimurMS Championship10461614018011/30/2018 HAWTYI 7 
Jones Jr, EdwardMS Championship10441582483612/31/2018 BOLIVM 7 
Quitta, AustinMS Championship10411552204610/31/2018 SABERN 6 
Resendez, JacobMS Championship1039155257682/28/2019 SBMJRD 6 
Mendoza, JesusMS Championship10371614585111/30/2018 SBRVRM 8 
Osoinach, AllenMS Championship1006144629651/31/2019 FBWWOD 8 
Mendoza, IssacMS Championship988163104943/31/2018 EPHEND 8 
Wang, KevinMS Championship984160279665/31/2018 CSLYDS 7 
Hernandez, GabrielMS Championship9831527224511/30/2019 APRANCH 6 
Rostro, NathanMS Championship98115525732*2/28/2018 SBMJRDuscf expired6 
Garcia, NikolausMS Championship97814921221*2/28/2018 EPEWOODuscf expired8 
Blanco, JulianMS Championship9701613464610/31/2018 HAWTYI 7 
Jiao, LiangyouMS Championship9571646079810/31/2018     
Dasagi, AakankshaMS Championship952149725571/31/2019 ACDVLY 7 
De Groot, JeffreyMS Championship935158989102/28/2019 MCMORR 7 
Ramirez, SaulMS Championship932151504044/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Yamagani, KeshavMS Championship930164186557/31/2018 MCROACH 6 
Araujo, CarlosMS Championship914159906173/31/2018 EPHEND 8 
Vijayakumar, VishalMS Championship909159670622/29/20201 SAGRC 6 
Candelaria, JosephMS Championship8821526694312/31/2018 EPEWOOD 7 
Amby-Okolo, CherishMS Championship881164267238/31/2018 HLNRMS 6 
Kakumanu, SidharthaMS Championship8801535231711/30/20181 SABASHAV 7 
Carter, Travis DeanMS Championship8691651586711/30/2018 HBYCMA 6 
Karra, Kunal PrathikMS Championship855147441511/31/20191 PROGRS 6 
Basepogu, SarahMS Championship8091617405211/30/2018 MCIMAG 7 
Collazo, ArtemioMS Championship7621525067011/30/2018 SBRVRM 7 
De La Cruz, RenbertMS Championship7481618002812/31/2018 MCMORR 7 
Chacko, BejoyMS Championship743160553905/31/2018 CHOME 8 
Lazar, ElliottMS Championship5931648217110/31/20184 HAWTYI 8 
Trezise, MicahMS Championship5471647109710/31/20184 SLLOGO 6 
Zarate, MarijoseMS Championship409159217242/28/2019 MCMORR 6 
Tsang, Elliott IanMS Championshipunr1656834712/31/2019   7 
Williams, LatrelleMS Championshipunr165787841/31/2019 WILHOME 9 
Martinez, AileenMS JV U900896159907124/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Bakari, SadikiMS JV U900867155156102/28/2019 KPATMS 8 
Ramirez, JuanMS JV U900867159906654/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Medina, LuzMS JV U900862159906444/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Ruiz, AlessandraMS JV U900845163105083/31/2018 EPHEND 7 
Gormley, TolaMS JV U900829162926532/28/2019 KPATMS 7 
Fisher, DakotaMS JV U900822156404601/31/2019 NBCHRCH 6 
Chang, SidneyMS JV U900812154649579/30/2018 HTHROG 7 
Lei, TimothyMS JV U9008111651425211/30/20181 KBCKDF 7 
Pichardo, ZahiraMS JV U900811159906234/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Valadez, AngelicaMS JV U900811163106663/31/2018 EPHEND 7 
Smith, XavierMS JV U900800151888202/28/20195 HSTPTA 8 
Zhang, TaylorMS JV U900793155068789/30/2019 HVILAG 6 
Macias, PaolaMS JV U900787159907544/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
De La Cruz, ArianaMS JV U900776159905074/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Salinas, DiegoMS JV U900765159216772/28/2019 MCMORR 6 
Aguirre, DevanteMS JV U900764163106033/31/2018 EPHEND 7 
Palomino, CarlosMS JV U900760159557813/31/2018 EPHEND 8 
Nailling, RobertMS JV U900727162751842/28/2019 HHUNGRV 8 
Jimenez, Jose LuisMS JV U900694163106303/31/2018 EPHEND 8 
Valenzuela, MarcoMS JV U9006831611350310/31/2018 MCFOSM 6 
Perry, MarshallMS JV U900679163119213/31/2018 HKIPSP 7 
Melasky, MarshallMS JV U900671160197943/31/2018 WEAGLE 7 
Guel, Abigail MMS JV U900657157019243/31/2018 WHOME 8 
Johnson, CarsonMS JV U900648159293923/31/2019 HSTPTA 7 
Nibber, SahebMS JV U900646162457752/28/2019 HAWTYI 6 
Ramirez, Jackson RMS JV U900644159216622/28/2019 MCMORR 6 
Azencott, BenjaminMS JV U9006341648825410/31/2018 HAWTYI 7 
Gutierrez, Derek JMS JV U900620153377873/31/2018 GCRSTMB 6 
Sewell, EthanMS JV U900619152274741/31/2019 ARCLSA 8 
Tan, Youxuan AndrewMS JV U900611162135852/28/2019 MCFOSM 6 
Alvarez, SamuelMS JV U900574161313222/28/2019 MCDELON 7 
Weyher, BraydenMS JV U900571163105623/31/2018 WFNDM 7 
Spicer, McMillin VictoriaMS JV U900554163615804/30/2019 DALCUN 7 
Richards, HaydenMS JV U900517163105563/31/2018 WFNDM 7 
Cormier, KeiganMS JV U9004991649703710/31/2018 MCMORR 6 
Guerra, CarlosMS JV U9004981621392012/31/2018 MCDELON 7 
Herrera, JasonMS JV U900461158989252/28/2019 MCMORR 7 
Tu, KenMS JV U900428152581472/28/2019 MCDELON 7 
Leal, EmilioMS JV U900423165956771/31/2019 MCDELON 7 
Hilliard, JoshuaMS JV U900375163106513/31/2018 WFNDM 6 
Gloria, MetzliMS JV U900374162164601/31/2019 MCMORR 6 
Sosa, EmilianMS JV U9002791621390812/31/2018 MCDELON 6 
Zecha, NoahMS JV U900269163105413/31/2018 WFNDM 6 
Daniel, PaulMS JV U900unr164466169/30/2018 HSTMAS 8 
Hurst, JulianMS JV U900unr   WFNDM 6 
Argandona, AimeMS Novice U600585159905284/30/2018 EPHEND 8 
Camacho, KellyMS Novice U600584155289253/31/2019   6 
Woods, AmiyahMS Novice U600577163118953/31/2018 HKIPSP 7 
Spates, DariusMS Novice U600547157245203/31/2018 HKIPSP   
Kar, AnjaneyaMS Novice U6005331611146510/31/2018 HTHROG 7 
Vargas, MiguelMS Novice U600527155103312/28/2019 FWKIRM 7 
Flores, MarioMS Novice U600509159182821/31/2019 KRANCR 8 
Debnam, AndrewMS Novice U600477160841132/28/2019 HRVOKB 8 
Holdeman, Elijah LMS Novice U600463159240712/28/2019 ACLASS 6 
Shafer, DrewMS Novice U6004341608810110/31/2018 WHOME 6 
Perez, JosephMS Novice U600400153732672/28/2019 KRANCR 7 
Gutierrez, MichaelMS Novice U600399163105983/31/2018 EPHEND 7 
Jokhan, AmineMS Novice U6003941648214410/31/2018 HAWTYI 7 
Greene, RyanMS Novice U600358160938449/30/2018 HAPLSUP 8 
Denman, MicahMS Novice U600357163118803/31/2018 HKIPSP 7 
Jerome, DetrevionMS Novice U600357161043852/28/2019 HVICTP 6 
Payne, DonovanMS Novice U6003391654422512/31/2018 HSTPTA 6 
Johnson, ElijahMS Novice U600335162323021/31/2019 KRANCR 7 
Perry, MatthewMS Novice U600326164589349/30/2018 HKIPSP   
Gibson II, JeromeMS Novice U600307159372072/28/2019 KPATMS 6 
Brown, CalebMS Novice U600298148422353/31/2018   7 
Yan, Coral CoryMS Novice U6002111519403312/31/2018 HTHROG 6 
Senthil Kumaran, AshvinMS Novice U6002101648123010/31/2018 HLNRMS   
Jokhan, SamiMS Novice U6001811652230811/30/2018 HAWTYI 7 
Hawkins, KirstanMS Novice U600177163201283/31/20185 HSTPTA 6 
Grinstein, MaxMS Novice U6001061648324210/31/2018 HAWTYI 6 
Flores, ViviannaMS Novice U600101162322821/31/2019 KRANCR 7 
Abaya, LorenzoMS Novice U600unr166104552/28/2019 PBMILL 8 
Acevedo, AntonioMS Novice U600unr166458923/31/2019 HLNRMS 7 
Arellum, XavierMS Novice U600unr165813531/31/2019 KRANCR 6 
Baez, PaulMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6 
Bonaparte, AydenMS Novice U600unr   EPLAFE 6 
Espinoza, ElianaMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6 
Galvan, AdrianMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 8 
Gilmore, GracenMS Novice U600unr166601403/31/2019 HKIPSP 8 
Gonzalez, JulianneMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6 
Gonzalez, SebastianMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6 
Hernandez, DanielMS Novice U600unr166341162/28/2019 FWKIRM 6 
Ibanez, DaliliaMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND 6 
Kelly, De'JaMS Novice U600unr166602023/31/2019 HKIPSP 7 
Kelly, MichaelMS Novice U600unr166439362/28/2019 KPATMS 8 
Loeffler, BenMS Novice U600unr166438802/28/2019 KPATMS 8 
Loeffler, CalebMS Novice U600unr166438742/28/2019 KPATMS 6 
Muro, LaurenMS Novice U600unr   EPHEND   
San Juan, MercyMS Novice U600unr165813681/31/2019 KRANCR 6 
Wiggins, JamesMS Novice U600unr165813741/31/2019 KRANCR 7 
Williams, MarkeisMS Novice U600unr166601553/31/2019 HKIPSP 8 
Wright, RachelMS Novice U600unr166439212/28/2019 KPATMS 6 
Pathak, RudranshElementary Championships1845153612164/30/2018 SLCRST 5 
Capocyan, JohnElementary Championships18151501530211/30/2018 SLCRST 5 
Welsh, VinhElementary Championships1719154868058/31/2018   5 
Podder, RonitElementary Championships1668151872628/31/2019 FMLIBT 5 
Gardezi, ArsalElementary Championships1644159241062/28/2019 SLDCKSN 4 
Hou, JadenElementary Championships1551158061712/28/2019 TWJCOOP 5 
Rodriguez, AlexanderElementary Championships1541151579844/30/2019 SAGHNO 5 
Feng, TravisElementary Championships1513159499383/31/2019 HBBUSH 4 
Elangovan, RamyaElementary Championships1509160766908/31/2018 HROBRT 4 
Patil, VedantElementary Championships1508146234927/31/2018 SLSULL 5 
Miramontes, LuisElementary Championships1486152512062/28/2019 SBGARZ 3 
Nandhakumar, VaseegaranElementary Championships14831581676810/31/2019 HBROOK 3 
Perera, NethulElementary Championships1474152619732/28/2019 HTHROG 4 
Prakash, PradhyumnElementary Championships146015915647*2/28/2018 RRBRCRKuscf expired4 
Wen, JustinElementary Championships1446160796639/30/2018 HHORNE 5 
Saldivar, FelixElementary Championships1374152865481/31/2019 BHUDSN 4 
Ham, EmilyElementary Championships1341159018312/28/2019 MCRAYB 4 
Sinha, TavishiElementary Championships13341588767012/31/2018 SLWKST 4 
Nguyen, Thomas HElementary Championships13231553004612/31/2019 ADAVIS 5 
Ganeshkumar, KavinElementary Championships1312155870012/28/2019 HTHROG 5 
Shikalgar, RehanElementary Championships1278160697767/31/20181 4 KMJENKS 5 
Yang, Phillip JElementary Championships12781582359312/31/2018 KHAYES 3 
Blanco Jr, Juan PedroElementary Championships1263155594051/31/2019 BHUDSN 4 
Gu, JerryElementary Championships1258157854559/30/2018 TWMITCH 5 
Martins, DevinElementary Championships1248159343441/31/2022 ALAURL 4 
Raman, SanjeevElementary Championships1245155100701/31/2019 SABASMD 5 
Pourjavadi, AshkanElementary Championships12381617874111/30/2019 HBBUSH 5 
Schmid, AaronElementary Championships1230154594287/31/2018 KPATSN 4 
Sok, SampaulElementary Championships1227152507053/31/2018 SBLPALM 5 
Membrila, BenjaminElementary Championships1222158509371/31/2019 MCSANCZ 4 
Alam, ZaeemElementary Championships1218160019423/31/2019 ASOMMR 4 
Uviedo, VioletteElementary Championships12131552952112/31/2018 BHUDSN 4 
Sok, SamwisdomElementary Championships1205152506913/31/2018 SBLPALM 5 
Rios Bradley, MocheElementary Championships1203159204542/28/2019 MCPEREZ 5 
Gonzalez, Gael NElementary Championships11901496578611/30/2018 BHUDSN 4 
Bandaru, TanviElementary Championships1181155100228/31/20181 SAGHNO 5 
Hu, JasonElementary Championships1170158545601/31/2019 HBNKRHL 4 
Vijaya Ragavan, NidhishElementary Championships1167153033383/31/2018 HTHROG 4 
Polatbekov, AlenElementary Championships11571496142611/30/20186 HTHROG 5 
Abrams, GreysonElementary Championships1152160563185/31/2018   5 
Guerra, GaelElementary Championships1150159204961/31/2019 MCSANCZ 4 
Rodriguez Medina, AlejandroElementary Championships1142159576084/30/2018 HBBUSH 5 
Salazar, RickyElementary Championships1124155995062/28/2019 SBSULL 5 
Covarrubias, GabrielElementary Championships112115251186*2/28/2018 SBGARZuscf expired5 
Dhanekula, RithulElementary Championships1120153578701/31/20201 PWNDRNH 5 
Guzman, Cruz MElementary Championships11181523847410/31/2018 SBDWNS 5 
Solis, NatalieElementary Championships1116150656563/31/2018 BHUDSN 5 
Srinivasan, VedantElementary Championships1110157806369/30/2018 HTHROG 4 
Kannan, AadhiElementary Championships1108157326936/30/2019 SABASMD 4 
Dai, JamesElementary Championships11001612661011/30/20181 CFARNY 4 
Lamping, AndrewElementary Championships1099162302581/31/20191 LHARTE 4 
Akella, SravyaElementary Championships1094159711843/31/2020 ALAURL 4 
Bandaru, TarunElementary Championships1094155101748/31/20181 SAGHNO 4 
Van Zwienen, EricElementary Championships1088160265504/30/2018 EPHHINT 4 
Agadi, AkshajElementary Championships1082160825358/31/2018 HHORNE 4 
Reddy, TanviElementary Championships1072150712882/28/2019 ALAURL 5 
Peng, RogerElementary Championships1069157202025/31/2019 ACNCRK 4 
Seals, AyreElementary Championships10541611934610/31/2018 SACAMBR 4 
Garcia, Seth DElementary Championships1048159204753/31/2018 MCGARZ 5 
Rostro, AaronElementary Championships104715525747*2/28/2018 SBGARZuscf expired4 
Clark, Maleek DElementary Championships1043157245835/31/2018 LMMAIN 5 
Holmes, NatalieElementary Championships1039159209772/28/2019 MCPEREZ 5 
Kotaru, AdityaElementary Championships10381545345511/30/20181 FSEMEL 4 
Pande, NayonikaElementary Championships1010160979369/30/2018 SLHNRL 5 
Faro, Gabriel JElementary Championships988156921034/30/2019 HTHROG 5 
Mukkollu, MohitElementary Championships982153481061/31/2019 ASOMMR 4 
Chai, ColinElementary Championships978159564963/31/2018 CSWNKE 3 
Kakarla, AkhilElementary Championships973154967139/30/2018 ASOMMR 4 
Trevino, AngelElementary Championships967162421001/31/2019 SBGARZ 5 
Hong, Rocky HaoElementary Championships955159737873/31/20191 SLCMWL 4 
Perez, AndresElementary Championships9551508121612/31/2019 MCPEREZ 5 
Cole, GabrielElementary Championships9461500023110/31/2018 SLLOGO 5 
Ying, AlbertElementary Championships941155873103/31/20181 HROBRT 5 
Law, JamieElementary Championships938163346843/31/20181 AEANES 3 
Tijerina, Julian EElementary Championships930159208733/31/2018 MCGARZ 4 
Cruz, KevinElementary Championships916153528671/31/2019 SBCASH 4 
Chang, RileyElementary Championships909157594919/30/2018 HRVOAK 4 
Gomez, FridaElementary Championships898152365662/28/2019 BHUDSN 4 
Ng, CarsonElementary Championships8971559631312/31/2018 FWTRVL 5 
Dhananjeyan, TarunElementary Championships896160441379/30/2018 SABASN 5 
Chandalia, NeelElementary Championships8821602914612/31/2018 HBBUSH 4 
Shirah, WalterElementary Championships879162434602/28/2019 MCMILM 5 
Wickramasinghe, BinadieElementary Championships8511654954612/31/20181 CSWNKE 5 
Trevino, AllenElementary Championships839162420951/31/2019 SBGARZ 3 
Wu, DayouElementary Championships836160381765/31/2018 PSILVLK 4 
Moluguru, ArjunElementary Championships822163669214/30/20181 FASHLY 4 
Rodriguez, Derek JElementary Championships8061589468212/31/2019 ENTREV 5 
Thukral, GurshaanElementary Championships787158887832/28/2019 HWLCHST 5 
Velagandula, AshrithElementary Championships7821654294112/31/2018 HTHROG 4 
Gaza, LaraElementary Championships7761539138011/30/2018 LCGILMR 4 
Bush, CorvinElementary Championships7751597611211/30/20181 LKHSTNK 4 
Perumaalla, RaghavElementary Championships773161018519/30/2018 PRGERS 5 
Wang, TimothyElementary Championships730164152637/31/2018 SLCOMM 4 
Gummadi, SidharthElementary Championships7281539795010/31/2019 FMFNDR 5 
Kallur, Tarun SadashivaElementary Championships678157810609/30/2019 ASOMMR 5 
Tucker, WalkerElementary Championships670164207928/31/2018 CCHUT 3 
Dhali, ArjunElementary Championships659162448552/28/2019 HHRMSA 5 
Castillo, MateoElementary Championships6511612800410/31/2018 MCPEREZ 4 
Gotpagar, AadiElementary Championships6311614859010/31/2018 HVILAG 5 
Mayo, ChirstenElementary Championships61516292920*2/28/2018 HKINGPAuscf expired5 
Arcot, Keshav VElementary Championships5791582195211/30/20196 HTHROG 5 
Huang, ChloeElementary Championships575164197328/31/20181 SLCOMM 5 
Liguez, RobertElementary Championships562159206532/28/2019 MCPEREZ 4 
Wang, NathanElementary Championships494164152787/31/2018 SLCOMM 2 
Yu, CharlesElementary Championships2321654297712/31/2018 HTHROG 5 
Anthony, TaylorElementary Championships1451616311412/31/2018 HTHROG 1 
Alaparthi, SravyaElementary Championships1071654951012/31/2018 HHNTRCR 1 
Ingram, MylesElementary Championshipsunr166272772/28/2019 HBBUSH 2 
Martin, ChristopherElementary Championshipsunr   CCCATH 4 
Zheng, JiayiElementary Championshipsunr166256572/28/2019   5 
Nafziger, ChristianElem JV U800788159749322/29/2020 HRUMML 4 
Osoinach, RebeccaElem JV U800774149455361/31/2019 CPOLSR 5 
Mandra, Anika AElem JV U800771159406081/31/2019 AENGLD 4 
Garcia, Karina VElem JV U800761159203503/31/2018 MCGARZ 3 
Gomez, NellyElem JV U800761155460372/28/2019 BHUDSN 2 
Gloria, RodrigoElem JV U800760159018102/28/2019 PLONG 4 
Basepogu, RachelElem JV U8007591617406711/30/2018 MCIMAG 4 
Rajagopal, VarunElem JV U800755159577663/31/20181 AENGLD 5 
Kandukuri, AhanElem JV U800741162439202/28/20191 FMCSPD 5 
Garcia, AnnelieseElem JV U800735152596582/28/2019 EPVSTH 4 
Reed, Jeremiah MElem JV U800735157246305/31/2018 LMMAIN 5 
Sudhakar, PraghilanElem JV U8007321654832312/31/2018 HBRGRV 4 
Gonzalez, DiegoElem JV U800726159018252/28/2019 MCRAYB 4 
Miramontes, EddieElem JV U800725161408812/28/2019 FWKIRK 4 
Fat-Anthony, RaichelleElem JV U800724159303413/31/2018   3 
Hernandez, ErickElem JV U8007221614086012/31/2018 FWKIRK 4 
Lei, MatthewElem JV U800721164284478/31/20181 KBHOLN 4 
Anaya, SebastianElem JV U8007171614090111/30/2018 FWKIRK 4 
Belmonte, Kelvin GElem JV U800708162134811/31/2019 MCCSTND 5 
Moore, MontanaElem JV U8007051618884211/30/2018 PLVWHOM 5 
Patel, AryanElem JV U8007051611977111/30/2018 SLCOMM 2 
Mott, ReaganElem JV U800688158988212/28/2019 MCRAYB 4 
Elangovan, KavinElem JV U800683160767048/31/2018 HROBRT 2 
Saldivar, KarolinaElem JV U8006791582454811/30/2018 BHUDSN 3 
Livingston, BreyanaElem JV U800672159294063/31/20195 HSTPTA 5 
Liguez, EmmaElem JV U800668159298042/28/2019 MCPEREZ 2 
Mehta, KriishElem JV U800665158704441/31/2019 HBBUSH 3 
Thornhill, EowynElem JV U800663162698762/28/2019 PLVWHOM 5 
Li, Kevin MElem JV U8006611649257510/31/2018 SLCOMM 3 
Campillo, DavidElem JV U800656156400353/31/2019 FWKIRK 5 
Laskaris, NikoElem JV U800649161107389/30/2018 HRVOKB 2 
Cochran, CaseyElem JV U800646164151267/31/2018 MDUKE 3 
McIntyre, GavinElem JV U8006461654887312/31/2018 MCRAYB 4 
Tamez, IsraelElem JV U800637158988842/28/2019 MCRAYB 5 
Mahajan, DeepElem JV U800636158361924/30/2018 MCMOON 3 
Johnson, IsaiahElem JV U800633159997755/31/2018   3 
Sewell, PaulElem JV U800626158230641/31/2019 ARCLSA 5 
Escareno, MarioElem JV U800622161408751/31/2019 FWKIRK 4 
Mirasdar, ArchitElem JV U800593163194043/31/2018 HBBUSH 3 
Stephens, JocelynElem JV U800588163061883/31/2018 AJHILLE 6 
Thornhill, DanielElem JV U800584162698972/28/2019 PLVWHOM 1 
Spicer, Henry HowardElem JV U8005791618632211/30/2018 DALCUN 5 
Castaneda, AngelElem JV U800577163105203/31/2019 FWKIRK 5 
Greene, DavidElem JV U800542160938509/30/2018 HLOVET 5 
Nailling, RileyElem JV U800541162751902/28/2019 HHMTVIEW 5 
Jyosyula, AbhiramElem JV U800527162300231/31/2020 HBBUSH 5 
Zuniga, JoaquinElem JV U800522162134751/31/2019 MCCSTND 5 
Islas, Sebastian NElem JV U8005141651145111/30/2018 MCSANCZ 4 
Malhotra, AnikElem JV U8005061530994111/30/2018 FSEMEL 4 
Rivera, SerigoElem JV U8004961654497412/31/2018 MCCSTND 4 
Alesna, Jeff-AngeloElem JV U800493162010681/31/2019 HSTVNP 4 
Jangada, AryanElem JV U8004211651158211/30/20181 7 FRNDLPH 4 
Lira, Juan ManuelElem JV U8003941614521211/30/2018 MCGARZ 4 
Kiran, SamhitaElem JV U800360163768925/31/2018 HASKEW 5 
Bonilla, NatalieElem JV U8003521585090111/30/2018 MCGARZ 4 
Cai, DevinElem JV U800336163162473/31/2018 HROBRT 4 
Shelton, Kennedy CElem JV U800281157246455/31/2018 DBARBR 5 
Avila, Jorge AaronElem JV U800190162135581/31/2019 MCCSTND 5 
Mejia-Garcia, AlixElem JV U8001081650896511/30/2018 MCGARZ 5 
Kudariya, AarushElem JV U800unr166166332/28/2019 RMCNEIL 4 
Stone, DylanElem JV U800unr165869981/31/2019 PLVWHOM 5 
Wideman, AllyElem JV U800unr165735881/31/2019 BBRACKN 5 
Curry, RachelElem Novice U500498154439308/31/20181 HSTVNP 4 
Perez, JeremiahElem Novice U500485153732731/31/2019 KBROOK 5 
Li, NathanElem Novice U5004741588939410/31/2018 HROBRT 3 
Curry, Nathanial JElem Novice U500442160951618/31/20181 HSTVNP 2 
Gutierrez, Dylan JElem Novice U500438159442462/28/2019 CGLENHP 3 
Ambre, YashElem Novice U5004301654440312/31/2018 HBBUSH 3 
Guel, Evangeline GraceElem Novice U500418159400023/31/2018 WHOME 3 
Chang, ConnorElem Novice U5004001614403111/30/2018 HRVOAK 1 
Lucero, Amalie GElem Novice U500397159559055/31/2018 EPVSTH 6 
Rodriguez, Paul GElem Novice U500391157976789/30/2018 SAGHNO 2 
Albright, Levi RElem Novice U500387162300502/28/2019 LMMAIN 2 
Smith, ChristopherElem Novice U5003791609864210/31/20185 HSTPTA 5 
Camacho, LorenzoElem Novice U500366156848313/31/2018   5 
Mandra, AnayElem Novice U500365163613124/30/2018 AENGLD 1 
Gutierrez, Drake JElem Novice U500358159442732/28/2019 CGLENHP 2 
Valenzuela, ManuelElem Novice U500357162831152/28/2019 EPSCLEM 3 
Walker, MelodyElem Novice U500337160225564/30/2019 PHDGCOX 4 
Lang, MarcusElem Novice U5003361646863710/31/2018 HHENDSN 3 
Payne, DevinElem Novice U5003311647603110/31/2018 HSTPTA 5 
Jerome, JanaeElem Novice U500327162373412/28/2019 HVRNETT 5 
He, MatthewElem Novice U500319162997663/31/2019 HRUMML 5 
Piper, ToriElem Novice U5002871647604610/31/20185 HSTPTA 3 
Moser, ZackElem Novice U500286164057117/31/2018 HRVOAK 4 
Patterson, Ke'ChelleElem Novice U500279159997602/28/2019 HENGEX 5 
Phan, Dominic JElem Novice U5002781650255211/30/2018 HSTVNP 5 
Payne, Da'VonElem Novice U500271164589409/30/2018 HSTPTA 4 
Vettical, DylanElem Novice U5002601609914310/31/2018 HRVOAK 4 
Amresh, PranavElem Novice U500256163583034/30/2018 HBBUSH 4 
Pardo, AleksanderElem Novice U500253163994076/30/2018 EPSCLEM 4 
Eugene-Onyejiaka, JoelElem Novice U5002331646876810/31/2018 HVRNETT 5 
Castillo, AlexElem Novice U5002301596680112/31/2018 HASKEW 5 
Ghaleb, MateoElem Novice U500200164029256/30/2018 EPSCLEM 3 
Lingard, GabrielleElem Novice U500198157246035/31/2018 LMMAIN 5 
Vettical, AidenElem Novice U5001941649059010/31/2018 HRVOAK K 
Olatoye, TobiElem Novice U500181161182542/29/2020 HVILAG 3 
Olatoye, Oluwase EstherElem Novice U500172161181442/29/2020 HVILAG 5 
Nandhakumar, IniyaElem Novice U5001291618412611/30/2019 HBROOK 1 
Clarke Jr, FredrickElem Novice U500125159352582/28/2019 KHBRNCH 4 
Mercer, InayaElem Novice U500120161043912/28/2019 HVRNETT 4 
Quintanar III, PedroElem Novice U500103162830742/29/2020 EPSCLEM 2 
Acevedo, AidanElem Novice U500unr165922581/31/2019 HRVOAK K 
Acevedo, IsabellaElem Novice U500unr166234732/28/2019 HRVOAK 4 
Andersen, JulianElem Novice U500unr165910351/31/2019 WFCRSTA 3 
Anderson, MarcusElem Novice U500unr166120482/29/2020 CCCATH 5 
Arellano, SantiagoElem Novice U500unr1648093710/31/2018 HRVOAK 3 
Edwards, BrennanElem Novice U500unr166081461/31/2020 WFCRSTA 4 
Feyisitan, KoladeElem Novice U500unr166126512/28/2019 HVILAG 3 
Feyisitan, KoredeElem Novice U500unr166126452/28/2019 HVILAG 5 
Fooladi, SkylarElem Novice U500unr165746861/31/2019 EPREYES 4 
Herrera, LucasElem Novice U500unr166025381/31/2019 EPSCLEM 2 
Hilliard, HenryElem Novice U500unr166597553/31/2019 HRVOKB 5 
Holton, HudsonElem Novice U500unr166597823/31/2019 HRVOKB 4 
Holton, JacksonElem Novice U500unr166597973/31/2019 HRVOKB 4 
Hope, CalebElem Novice U500unr   WFCRSTA 4 
Hurst, LucasElem Novice U500unr   WFNDE 3 
Jackson, JoshuaElem Novice U500unr165823831/31/2019 WBOSQUE 3 
Johnson, CurtisElem Novice U500unr166105862/28/2019 HVRNETT 4 
Kelly, ChristianElem Novice U500unr166602173/31/2019 HKIPZEN 4 
Krishnan, AnishElem Novice U500unr165966171/31/2019 HRVOAK K 
Krishnan, MihikaElem Novice U500unr165962041/31/2019 BCONDIT 2 
Kwauk, KeonElem Novice U500unr166598233/31/2019 HRVOKB 4 
Mujtaba, SaifElem Novice U500unr   HRVOKB 4 
Munoz-Torres, EnriqueElem Novice U500unr   HCRPCHS 4 
Orozco, AlejandroElem Novice U500unr164029316/30/2020 EPSCLEM 3 
Raj, RishavElem Novice U500unr16629390  AENGLD K 
Razook, DylanElem Novice U500unr   WFCRSTA 4 
Roll, KieraElem Novice U500unr166598863/31/2019 HCRPCHS 5 
He, LoganPrimary Championship1472160727856/30/2019 TWCRKVW 2 
Nair, AjiteshPrimary Championship1389159305553/31/2019 LEMILLER 3 
Membrila, GaelPrimary Championship1327158509221/31/2019 MCSANCZ 3 
Hiwale, RonakPrimary Championship13051554813811/30/2018 HBBUSH 3 
McNutt, Kaitlynn LPrimary Championship1278151932387/31/2018 SBCASH 3 
Ramanujakootam, NimeshPrimary Championship12361616491311/30/2018 HBBUSH 3 
Shafer, LoganPrimary Championship1224160199663/31/2018 WHOME 3 
Abella, EthanPrimary Championship11911558659011/30/2018 TRICE 3 
Ravichandar, SanjeevPrimary Championship1176156389983/31/20191 CMOCKE   
Agrawal, RidyanshPrimary Championship1173157743519/30/2018 HAWTYI 3 
Thota, TaranPrimary Championship11701623067712/31/2018 AMAGELN 2 
Li, JacobPrimary Championship1163159348943/31/2020 ASPICE 2 
White, TyPrimary Championship1150155068009/30/2018 HVILAG 3 
Veremjov, MihailPrimary Championship1093164492879/30/2018 KBHOLN 2 
Xu, HaoranPrimary Championship10931581457811/30/2018 HTHROG 2 
Parajulee, AdittyPrimary Championship10691615324810/31/2018 MCSANCZ 2 
Naphad, AadiPrimary Championship10481581123311/30/2018 HTHROG 3 
Morales, ChristianPrimary Championship1046158508481/31/2019 MCSANCZ 3 
Jean-Marie, LeonardoPrimary Championship1039158508811/31/2019 MCSANCZ 3 
Chiu, NathanPrimary Championship1023162222701/31/2019 HHRMSE 2 
Ramesh, JaganaathPrimary Championship1021161188662/28/2019 SAGHNO 3 
Gomez, Christian RPrimary Championship10091578945810/31/2019 SBBOOT 3 
Parra, Angel MPrimary Championship10001583930111/30/2018 SBDWNS 3 
Tsay, MasonPrimary Championship998160991649/30/2018 MCGONZ 2 
Hosur, SanmitaPrimary Championship996162491721/31/20201 ACNCRK 2 
Cai, RaymondPrimary Championship967157210602/29/20201 SAKEYS 3 
Laskaris, EviePrimary Championship966161107449/30/2018 HRVOKB 3 
Qu, LetianPrimary Championship910160730187/31/2018 SLWKST 3 
Kadiyala, VyshnaviPrimary Championship8971559073210/31/2018 HTHROG 3 
Rodriguez, RobbiePrimary Championship8891583339111/30/2018 ENTREV 3 
Balci, AydaPrimary Championship870159303351/31/2019 MCPEREZ 3 
Reyna, DominickPrimary Championship8671653859411/30/2018 MCCSTND 3 
Zang, EricPrimary Championship855158879312/28/2019 SLCRST 3 
Montoya, JacobPrimary Championship8271616229011/30/2018 SBLFUNTE 2 
Tirumala, AdvayPrimary Championship8251582157511/30/20181 ASOMMR 3 
Contreras, RosarioPrimary Championship818159403802/28/2019 MCGONZ 3 
Nikam, ShantanuPrimary Championship815158858452/28/2019 HTHROG 3 
Balasubramanian, SantoshPrimary Championship8081582231612/31/20191 AENGLD 3 
Wang, CrystalPrimary Championship7921615323311/30/2018 MCGONZ 2 
Teoh, SeanPrimary Championship755160284889/30/20181 ASPICE 2 
Venkataraman, GauthamPrimary Championship682155312062/28/2019 SLSULL 3 
Amby-Okolo, DanielPrimary Championship668164267388/31/2018 HPOE 3 
Maldonado, JesusPrimary Championship6311618164012/31/2018 SBLPALM 2 
Olaguibel, CarlosPrimary Championship6301649689310/31/2018 MCGONZ 3 
Tucker, GavinPrimary Championship609164208068/31/2018 CCHUT 1 
Wang, GracePrimary Championship603163908745/31/2018 DARMST 3 
Gonzales, NoahPrimary Championship4471612206711/30/2018 SBDWNS 2 
Fooladi, RiverPrimary Championshipunr165746921/31/2019 EPREYES 2 
Asekomeh, Tamprimary jv u600587158988002/28/2019 MCRAYB 3 
Peterson, Axelprimary jv u600575160340786/30/2018 SANTONIO 2 
Vijaya Ragavan, Aneeshprimary jv u6005701576628310/31/2018 HBRGRV 2 
Zhou, Williamprimary jv u600568162067663/31/2020 HTHROG 2 
Shaw, Neevprimary jv u6005591611902211/30/2018 MPOMNA 2 
Shaw, Neilprimary jv u6005591611901611/30/2018 MPOMNA 2 
Markel Ramirez, Aidanprimary jv u600558162242341/31/2019 MCCSTND 2 
Alvarado, Milcaprimary jv u6005571652127011/30/2018 MCMCAUL 3 
Garcia, Danielprimary jv u600554162242401/31/2019 MCRAYB 2 
Fisher, Maverick Lprimary jv u600548156404481/31/2019 NBMORN 3 
Wang, Tristanprimary jv u600546164115907/31/2018 AEVANS 2 
Penk, Kaylinprimary jv u6005451615668811/30/2018 MCGARZ 2 
Rios Bradley, Donovanprimary jv u600535159204272/28/2019 MCPEREZ 3 
Garza, Angelica Rprimary jv u600533159203863/31/2018 MCGARZ 3 
Dawson, Isaiahprimary jv u600515164526679/30/2018 SLCOMM K 
Mantle, Davidprimary jv u600499159297902/28/2019 MCPEREZ 2 
Corpus, Luisprimary jv u600479163202383/31/2018 MCGARZ 3 
Fat-Anthony, Rainahprimary jv u600470159203443/31/2018   2 
Bruno, Camilaprimary jv u6004651612380310/31/2018 MCPEREZ 2 
Alaniz Jr, Maclovicprimary jv u6004491652129111/30/2018 MCRAYB 3 
Zapata, Javierprimary jv u600445162168461/31/2019 MCRAYB 3 
Quintanilla, Tristanprimary jv u6004411612472310/31/2019 MCPEREZ 3 
Ousley, Rileyprimary jv u600432159795943/31/2018 MCPEREZ 3 
Meng, Joshuaprimary jv u6004221648572010/31/2018 PSILVR 1 
Chhapekar, Arnav Vprimary jv u600415163807675/31/2018 SLSTWY 2 
Basepogu, Ruthprimary jv u6004021617407311/30/2018 MCIMAG 2 
Qadeer, Ibrahimprimary jv u6003921615915012/31/2018 HBRGRV 3 
Reddy, Siddharthprimary jv u6003911654947812/31/2018 HWUNIV 2 
Dhananjeyan, Aadhavprimary jv u600385160972839/30/2018 SABASN 2 
Wickramasinghe, Yenulaprimary jv u6003451649881510/31/20181 CSWNKE 2 
De La Rosa, Nathanprimary jv u6003401652130511/30/2018 MCMCAUL 3 
Aranda, Prestonprimary jv u600339160956578/31/2019 HAWTYI 3 
Parker, Peytonprimary jv u600339161450552/28/2019 MCGARZ 2 
Echemendia, Brianaprimary jv u6003191652128511/30/2018 MCRAYB 3 
Abrams, Hollandprimary jv u600313163907435/31/2018   2 
Santana, Jamesprimary jv u600308163811705/31/2018 HRVOKB 3 
Dhanekula, Shynaprimary jv u60030715842477*10/31/2016 PWNDRNHuscf expired3 
Anderson, Alexanderprimary jv u60026915889310*12/31/2017 HPRESBY 2 
Lara, Abigailprimary jv u600219162643561/31/2019 MCGARZ 2 
Serda, Rigobertoprimary jv u6002001652132611/30/2018 MCMCAUL 3 
Grandberry, Garionprimary jv u6001861608057110/31/2019 SLASULL 3 
Alvarado, Ismeraiprimary jv u6001691652133211/30/2018 MCMCAUL 2 
Santosh, Dhruvprimary jv u60016615917754*2/28/20181 MCCMSTK 2 
Pan, Rexfordprimary jv u600151164519679/30/2018 PSILVLK 2 
Ganeshkumar, Venbaprimary jv u60015015898711*2/28/2018 HTHROGuscf expired2 
Clarke, Fredaya Nprimary jv u600148159352432/28/2019 KHBRNCH 3 
Gonzalez, Victoriaprimary jv u6001211650892311/30/2018 MCGARZ 2 
Gonzalez, Omarprimary jv u6001091656235312/31/2018 MCGARZ 2 
Li, Xinyiprimary jv u6001061654779612/31/2018 RCNCRK 2 
Collins, Spencer Lprimary jv u600105163827855/31/2018 LMMAIN 3 
Anaya, Natalieprimary jv u600unr166447312/28/2019 FWKIRK 2 
Anyah, Eliprimary jv u600unr16632758  HPRESBY 2 
Bauman, Jamesprimary jv u600unr   HCRPCHS 3 
Caaamacho, Miaprimary jv u600unr166566513/31/2019   2 
Clark, Hayesprimary jv u600unr   WFCRSTA 2 
Clark, Hudsonprimary jv u600unr   WFCRSTA 3 
Escareno, Leahprimary jv u600unr166447252/28/2019 FWKIRK 2 
Flores, Adaelprimary jv u600unr   HOLDMCR 3 
Garza, Joaquinprimary jv u600unr165959381/31/2019 MCCSTND 2 
Harris, Matthewprimary jv u600unr166598923/31/2019 HCRPCHS 3 
Hilliard, Grantprimary jv u600unr166597763/31/2019 HRVOKB 2 
Huffman, Brandprimary jv u600unr   HRVOKB 2 
Kartye, Paulprimary jv u600unr   HRVOKB 1 
Khan, Faisonprimary jv u600unr   HRVOKB 2 
Li, Davidprimary jv u600unr166567283/31/20192   3 
Mendoza, Emilyprimary jv u600unr166023511/31/2019 FWKIRK 3 
Montano, Monicaprimary jv u600unr166111402/28/2019 FWKIRK 3 
Mujtaba, Zohaprimary jv u600unr   HRVOKB 2 
Parkey, Whitprimary jv u600unr   WFCRSTA 3 
Pinzon, Dannaprimary jv u600unr   HCRPCHS 3 
Popovic, Adrianaprimary jv u600unr   HRVOKB 1 
Rodriguez, Kevinprimary jv u600unr166230122/28/2019 FWKIRK 3 
Roeine, Liamprimary jv u600unr165976111/31/2019 WFCRSTA 3 
San Juan, Myrapazprimary jv u600unr165974601/31/2019 KBROOK 3 
Tan, Emilyprimary jv u600unr165959651/31/2019 MCCSTND 2 
Weihs, Wyattprimary jv u600unr166598653/31/2019 HRVOKB 2 
Wideman, Kaileyprimary jv u600unr165735941/31/2019 BBRACKN 2 
Winfrey, Williamprimary jv u600unr166598383/31/2019 HCRPCHS 3 
Lau, Andrewk-1 championship953163927346/30/2018 SLHNRL 1 
Anderson, Klymk-1 championship945157850849/30/2018 ANDHOME 1 
Ramanujakootam, Nehaank-1 championship901164017926/30/2019 HBBUSH 1 
Miramontes, Carlosk-1 championship888158335572/28/2019 SBGARZ 1 
Munoz, Christopherk-1 championship7851616857211/30/2018 MCPEREZ 1 
Eswaran, Ahilank-1 championship7801612496411/30/2018 HRVOAK 1 
Munsayac, Calvink-1 championship7321615931612/31/2018 HTHROG 1 
Relan, Siddhanthk-1 championship682158878362/28/2019 HTHROG 1 
Jimenez, Richardk-1 championship6441652124311/30/2018 MCSANCZ 1 
Membrila, Ximenak-1 championship6131616869712/31/2018 MCSANCZ 1 
Islas, Nathanielk-1 championship5961652123711/30/2018 MCSANCZ 1 
Guerra, Anahi Dk-1 championship5531646095510/31/2019 MCSANCZ K 
Vijay, Anirudhk-1 championship5281647036110/31/2018 HBRGRV K 
Pande, Rayanshk-1 championship515160979429/30/2018 SLHNRL 1 
Yamagani, Arnavk-1 championship4961646630110/31/2018 MCMOON 1 
Li, Marcusk-1 championship4941649853310/31/2018 HROBRT 1 
Moya, Christiank-1 championship4861648481510/31/2018 MCSANCZ 1 
McKnight, Jamisonk-1 championship46716200772*12/31/2017 HTHROGuscf expired1 
Cantu, Diegok-1 championship4501650558811/30/2018 MCGARZ 1 
Zhao, Yvonnek-1 championship4261646504610/31/2018 HROBRT 1 
Neeley, Lukek-1 championship3711650551011/30/2018 MCPEREZ K 
Tijerina, Katherinek-1 championship3611650557311/30/2018 MCGARZ K 
Beard, Theok-1 championship352164375519/30/20197 HTHROG 1 
Chacon, Angelk-1 championship3411616853011/30/2018 MCPEREZ 1 
Harmeyer, Beckettk-1 championship3391648448610/31/2018 HTHROG K 
Gutierrez, Jasen Dk-1 championship3261648451210/31/2018 MCGARZ K 
Laboriante, Jiek-1 championship3131650550411/30/2018 MCGARZ 1 
Sheth, Alayk-1 championship2991649369410/31/2018 HBRGRV 1 
Koushik, Dhanyak-1 championship296163346633/31/20181 RRGOAKS 1 
Vinod, Darshank-1 championship2631649075610/31/2018 HRVOAK K 
Anderson, Victor Rk-1 championship244164450649/30/2018 ANDHOME K 
Zhu, Ryank-1 championship2161650264111/30/2018 HBBUSH 1 
Qadeer, Omar Tariqk-1 championship1991655302012/31/2018 HBRGRV K 
Tamez, Ezekielk-1 championship1981654622212/31/2018 MCRAYB 1 
Abdullah, Elijahk-1 championship1821650553111/30/2018 MCPEREZ 1 
Nguyen, Amyk-1 championship1651615148312/31/2018 SLHNRL 1 
Cantu, Michaelk-1 championship1151652126411/30/2018 MCSANCZ K 
Campbell, Jackk-1 championship1121648547410/31/2018 HTHROG K 
Polatbekov, Aidank-1 championship1121648084810/31/20183 HTHROG K 
Lira, Manolak-1 championship1091650555211/30/2018 MCGARZ K 
Garza, Anabellak-1 championship1081650554611/30/2018 MCPEREZ K 
Rodriguez, Matthewk-1 championship107160434222/28/2019 SAGHNO K 
Shenoy, Amith Ashokak-1 championship1071654388212/31/2018 HBBUSH 1 
Kiran, Sanjeevk-1 championshipunr163768865/31/2018 HASKEW 1 
Enriquez,Lalok-1 championshipunr166213872/28/2019 MCGARZ 1 
Liang, Janek-1 championshipunr166459063/31/2019 HTHROG K 
Mansfield, Jazzlyn Renek-1 championshipunr166434552/28/20191 SKLEINL 1 
Nguyen, Christinek-1 championshipunr166342472/28/20191 7 SLHNRL pK 
Zheng, Jialek-1 championshipunr166563903/31/2019   1 
Podder, RonitBlitz K-61668151872628/31/2019     
Yellamraju, AmbicaBlitz K-12181015105036*2/28/2018   7 
Yellamraju, AparnaBlitz K-12180115105042*2/28/2018   7 
Yellamraju, Aparna& AmbicaK-12 Bughouse180115105042*2/28/2018