The 2002 US Junior Open



The 2002 U S Junior Open ended in a 4 way tie between Alex Chua, Andrey Dokuchayev, A J Steigman and Enrique Rios. A playoff was held to determine the winner.  UTD awarded the scholarships to the two high schoolers who tied for first, A J Steigman and Alex Chua.  

The 2002 U.S. Junior Open Champion is A.J Steigman



Above: U.S. Junior Open Champion A.J Steigman with UTD Chess Program Associate Director Alexey Root and U.S. Junior Open chief tournament director George John.  

Below:  Enrique Rios and Andrey Dokuchayev with UTD's top team trophy.

Thanks to Alexey Root for both photos.

The playoff was a double round robin at G/5 time controls:  

1st round:

             1 1  Dokuchayev                                  0 0 Chua

            ½ ½ Steigman                                      ½ ½ Rios

 2nd round:

             ½  1 Steigman                                      ½ 0 Chua

            1  1  Rios                                             0 0 Dokuchayev

 3rd round:

             1 ½ Chua                                             0 ½ Rios

            1 0 Steigman                                        0 1 Dokuchayev

 totals:   Steigman, Rios 3.5

            Dokuchayev 2

            Chua 2

Steigman and Rios then played a two game blitz match to determine the winner. However, they were still tied with one point apiece. So a 5minute to 4 minute blitz game was held in which Black got draw odds.  Steigman lost the coin flip and Rios chose to defend with the Black pieces.  Steigman won the game and the playoff.

A J Steigman is the 2002 U S Junior Open Champion.  

US Junior Open

Six Round Swiss

UTD Reception:  Sunday July 21 7-8:30pm  Contact:

Time Control: Rds. 1-3 G/120, Rds. 4-6 40/2, SD/1.

Hotel: Renaissance Dallas North Hotel, 4099 Valley View Ln , Dallas TX 75244 . (Near I-635 and Midway Rd. ). HR: $75. 972-385-9000. Mention Chess.

Eligibility: Open to U21 yrs.

3 Sections : U21 yrs, U15 yrs & U11 yrs. Ages as of 1/1/02 .

Entry Fee: $35 by 7/9, $50 site. Online reg. $40 until 7/17.

On Site Registration: 7/19 6-7 pm

Online Registration is now closed.

Rounds: 7:35 , 9-2-7 , 9-4.

Prizes:   U21: $$G 300-150-100-50, Trophy top A,B,C,D,U1200, age 19,18,17,16,15, U15. 1st overall if eligible is seeded into 2003, or next avail. U.S. Jr. Invitational Ch. Top High School player in U21 wins a 4-year, full-tuition & fees scholarship to The University of Texas at Dallas . U15: Trophies to top 10 overall & 1st C,D,E,F, U800, age 13,12,11,U11. U11: Trophies to top 10 overall & 1st E,F,G U600 & age 9,8,7, U7. Chronos Clocks to 1st in the U15 & U11 sect. Club & team trophies will be awarded b/pre-ent. Up to two 1/2 pt. byes avail. if req’d bef. rd 2.

No Smoking, Wheelchair accessible.

Mail-in Entries:  Cks. payable to Dallas Chess Club, 11836 Judd Ct. #304B , Dallas TX 75243 .

Questions? Contact: Susan Breeding  972-208-1802.

The USCF, USCF personnel, and coaches assume no responsibility for any damages, illnesses or injuries sustained by me in connection with this event.