Nov. 29, 2001

Attention all Dallas Chess Club Members!

I want to put together a sort of "best of" game collection for the Dallas Chess Club. The game file would be available for download or viewing online (with a Java Viewer) on this website. Think of it as a "brag file"...a way of showing visitors to the DCC site (and each other!) just how good we really are. :-)

Rules for submitting games:

Each person may submit 1 or 2 games. These games should be your best game(s)---or your favorite game(s)--played at the Dallas Chess Club or at a DCC hosted event. (Sometimes "favorite" and "best" aren't the same games.) No more than 2 games per person, please!

The games must be games played either at the Dallas Chess Club or at a DCC-hosted event, such as: games played at weekly tournaments at the club, simuls at the club, the Dallas Open, Amateur and Novice, the TexOhma Open, Amateur, and Novice, Class Championships, as well as hotel tourneys such as the Ken Smith Memorial, the J. C. Thompson Memorial, the Southwest Open and the State and Amateur Championships when they were played in Dallas, etc. (Brainstorms and UTD tournaments do not qualify. If you don't know if it was a DCC-hosted tournament, ask Luis or Brad.) ;-)

The game must be in PGN notation. (There are a number of free PGN game utilities that allow you to view and save games. One of these, ChessBase Light, can be downloaded from the Chessbase website.)

The game headers must include: your name, your opponent's name, the name of the tournament, and the date (if you don't know the exact date, at least put the year), and of course, the result of the game. The game score can include commentary and analysis, if you wish, but it does not have to. A good game can stand on its own. :-)

Sent pgn game files (of 1 or 2 games) to:

The Webmaster <>