August 6 - August 12, 2017

Aug 6 Sunday

Aug 10 Thursday

Aug 7 Monday

Aug 11 Friday

Adarsh and Atharv’s Pizza Night. 4 Round Swiss. G/30; d5. EF: $10. $$ 50% of EFs. One Bye if requested by end of round 2. Reg 5:30 pm-5:57pm, Rd 1 pairings at 6:00pm. Rest ASAP. Sections depend on entries but I expect there will only be one section but there could be two (Open and Reserve)

Friday Swiss. 4 Round Swiss. G/30; d5. EF: $20, $15 Jr/Sr/Hcap $10 non-DCC mem fee . $$ 65% of EF. One Bye if requested by end of round 2. Novice entry is $5 less. Championship: (Open to players rated above 1199) Reg 5:50 pm-6:15pm, Rd 1 pairings at 6:30pm. Intermediate: (Open to players rated below 1400) Reg 6:20 pm - 6:45 pm Rd 1 pairings at 7 pm. Do not phone to register for intermediate from 6:20 - 6:35 pm. Novice: (Open to players rated below 750.) Non DCC membership fee is waived for Novice section. Reg 5:50 - 6:15pm. Rd 1 pairings at 6:30pm. All: Phone registrations less than 15 minutes from the pairing time may be given a 1/2 point bye.

Aug 8 Tuesday

Aug 12 Saturday

Kirumaki's Blitz Spectacular, ?? Rounds at G/5, d0.  Exact format depends on entries. May be Swiss or round robin, either single or double. EF: $20 ($10 non dcc membership fee if applicable) Reg starts at 6:15 pm. Round 1 pairings at 6:45 pm. 65% of entries fees returned as prizes. Note that this tournament is USCF rated. Tournament at Dallas Chess Club. Email Ronit with any questions at 


Saturday Increment 4-SS, G/31d5 EF: $15, $10 Jr/Sr/Hcap. $10 non-DCC mem fee. Prizes are 65% of EF. Reg 5:15 - 5:45 pm. Rd 1 pairings at 6:00 pm, Rest ASAP.

Aug 9 Wednesday


Two For Wednesday.  2 Rounds G/45; 6 sec inc. EF: $20. ($10 non dcc membership fee if applicable) Reg 5:50 pm - 6:15 pm. Round 1 pairings at 6:30 pm. This may be a two round Swiss or a one round Double Swiss. Note that we have been using 1 vs. 2 pairings on Wednesdays.

Luis Salinas is out of town from July 31 – August 8. So any tournaments during that time are tentative.

Invisible Fundraisers are tournaments that are tentative and which may not award prizes due to inexperienced tds.

Adarsh is vegetarian…will the pizza he brings be vegetarian?

Monday is our low cost night. Low entry fees but reduced 50% back in prizes. Pizza is for kids.

School starts Monday August 14th for many. This is the last week of our summer schedule. Afterwards we go to our regular schedule of Friday nights and something on the weekends.