Weekly Events

The Dallas Chess Club hosts several weekly events, including WBCA tournaments, chess lessons by Masters for players of all strengths, and Saturday Swisses.

The Dallas Chess Club considers all its weekly scheduled tournaments to be sections in a month long tournament. This is to save money on rating fees and postage. The reports may get send in sooner. The club's goal is to send reports to the USCF every two weeks. Every effort will be made to send in the reports in time to make each supplement.

In addition to these regular club events, the Dallas Chess Club regularly holds special events, including Scholastic Tournaments and two or three day slow time control weekend events. For information on special events go to the Calendar. Weekly events are covered below. Please check the home page for last minute changes to the schedule.

Wednesday Friday Saturday



DCC Action Tournament. An "Action" Tournament is a tournament with a time control of Game in 30 minutes. This is a 3 Round Swiss. Club opens and registration is at 6:20, with the first round starting at 7:00pm. Second and third rounds begin ASAP. The entry fee is $10, $5 for Jr/Sr/Hcap, $10 for non-DCC member fee. 65% of entry fee returned as prizes. USCF Membership is required. 


Friday Swiss  4 rd Swiss. G/30, Entry Fee: $20, $15 for Jr/Sr/Hcap. $10 non DCC member fee for Champ Section (Must be rated at least 1200) and Intermediate (<1400). Novice Section is under 750 Entry Fee: $10, Prizes: 65% of entry fees. Championship (Open to players rated above 1199) Reg 5:50 pm-6:15pm, Rd 1 pairings at 6:30pm. Intermediate (Open to players rated below 1400) Reg 6:20 pm - 6:45 pm Rd 1 pairings at 7 pm. Do not phone to register for intermediate from 6:20 - 6:35 pm. Novice: (Open to players rated below 750.) Reg 5:50 - 6:15pm. Rd 1 pairings at 6:30pm. All: Phone registrations less than 15 minutes from the pairing time may be given a 1/2 point bye Registering after 6:45 may result in a 1/2 point first round bye.Bye if req'd before rd 2.


DCC Saturdays  Several times a year the Dallas Chess Club runs 2-3 day slow time control tournaments on Saturday and Sunday (three-day events would be held over a holiday weekend) for information on these, check the Calendar.

When not running a two day event, we run a Game in 25 minutes with 5 second increment (G/25), 4 Round Swiss tournament on Saturdays.  Reg: 5:15-5:45 pm Round 1 6:00, the rest ASAP. The entry fee is $15, $10 for juniors, seniors, and handicapped. There is an additional $10 non-DCC member fee. 65% of entry fee is returned as prizes. USCF membership required.