2005 Texas State and Amateur Championship    

Final Standings        Pictures

One Day Scholastic 

  Championship Prizes:

First Place: $600  Amon Simutowe

Second/Third Place: $265 each IM Magesh Panchanathan, IM Peter Vavrak

Tied 1st U2400/1st and 2nd Expert: $200 each

NM Michal Kujovic, Lee Gardner, Andres Suarez, NM Mark Dejmek, NM Alex Chua

Reserve: Open to players rated under 2000 and unrated players.

Reserve Prizes

First Place: $450 Austen Green

Second Place: $60 each Jason Howell, Stanley Yang, Michael Slepoy, Jeff Sneden

1st B (1600 - 1799): $300 Ming Chin

2nd B (1600 - 1799): $40 each Hector Martinez, Jared Taylor

1st C (1400 - 1599): $300 Jesse James Lozano

2nd C (1400 - 1599): $40 each Nithej Pilli, Chris Sheridan

1st D and under (under 1400): $300 Chris Fuqua

2nd D and under (under 1400): $40 each Jianrong Wang, Eric Lu

1st Unrated $150 John Peralta


Scholastic Tournament

Final Standings

Open Section Trophies:

1st Stanley Yang
2 Kevin Yang
3 Sylvia S Yang
4 Andrew Cates
5 Eric Lu
6 Eileen Dai
7 Jason Jia
Top Under 1000 Connor Kendrick
Top Unrated Tony Paul

Under 800 Trophies:

1st Advaith C Anand
2nd Kevin Xie
3rd Sunand Iyer
4th Gaurang Gupte
5th Junha Kwon
6th Lisa M Evans
7th Clara Merklin
8th Timmy Paul
9th Henry Cl Davis
10th David Spector
Top Under 600 Kevin A Champ
Top Under 400 Rishi Maharaj


1st Unrated Drew Delong
2nd Unrated Brandon Selph
3rd Unrated Dachey Lin