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Texas Links

Texas Clubs and Organizations

Texas Chess Association: They produce the excellent Texas Knights magazine--which in 1998 won the prestigious Cramer award for best state magazine--and sponsor several state tournaments, including the state championship.

Dallas Area Chess-In-Schools The DACIS promotes teaching chess in the schools, provides instruction and equipment, and organizes tournaments. If you're involved in Dallas-area scholastics (or want to be), get acquainted with these people!

Tarrant County Chess Club is going strong. This was Watauga Chess Club and now expanded to include the whole county located in NE  Fort Worth.  Weekly meetings and tournaments held during the year.

Waco Chess Club  There's some good chess south of here!

Austin Chess Tournaments lists tournaments in the Austin-San Antonio Area.

Austin Chess Club newly formed and going strong. For that chess fix if you're heading south on Interstate 35.

The San Antonio Chess Club For that chess fix if you're heading further south on Interstate 35.

The Laredo Chess Club  You don't have to walk "the streets of Laredo" as the song says, to find out what's happening in their chess club.  They now have a website!

The Houston Chess Club: For that chess fix if you're going way south on Interstate 45.

Rio Grande Valley Chess for chess right before you hit the Mexican border.

Permian Base Chess Club head west to Odessa. It's going strong.


UT-Dallas Chess Program One of the top university chess programs in the nation

Dallas Area Chess-In-Schools The DACIS promotes teaching chess in the schools, provides instruction and equipment, and organizes tournaments. If you're involved in Dallas-area scholastics (or want to be), get acquainted with these people!


(More information on local chess instruction can be found on our Region III Instructors page.)

Ziane Chess Academy (ZCA) - Nationally renowned children's chess coach National Master Noureddine Ziane. The ZCA teaches chess to approximately 500 children each week as well as organizes and runs the largest summer chess camps for children in the United States while making a 9-12 city chess camp tour each summer.  An online teaching venture of GM Kaminsky, who is currently attending UTD.   The instructional staff consists of four GMs, three IMs and two NMs (at least a couple of which are local to the DFW area). The instructors offer analysis,  answer questions, give lectures, and post theoretical articles--all online.  There is also an e-mail course and online chat available.

IM Rade Milovanovic  (New URL)  Website of International Master Rade Milovanovic, mostly devoted to his teaching enterprises--his chess camps or The Chess Learning Center in Richardson Texas which opened in the Fall of 2001.  IM Milovanovic has 30 years of experience in competitive chess and over 20 years of experience in training and coaching.   

Books and Equipment

Chess Central Website of Dallas-based Pickard & Sons chess publishers. High quality chess books.

Chess In Education  Fort Worth resident Al Woolum's homepage,  chess equipment dealer.  

More Chess Links

Where to Play Chess  Great web page for finding a chess club near you. Very comprehensive.

This Week In Chess: The definitive resource for professional players. Weekly comprehensive updates of news and tournament games from across the world. Not much annotation, but the most complete collection of master level games you'll find anywhere mere days after they're played.

The University Of Pittsburgh Chess pages Extensive archives of games, programs, graphics, and desktop chess publishing etc.

USCF: The United States Chess Federations official web page, including ratings updates and the latest policy board information.

MSA: The United States Chess Federation rating page for Dallas Chess Club tournaments.

USCF Tournament Life Online Includes listings for upcoming tournaments in Texas (and elsewhere!). Also, tournament announcements received too late to make the magazine.

USCF Chess Research Bibliography A list of articles on research pertaining to the beneficial effects of chess on school performance. One copy of each can be ordered from the USCF for free.

Smart Chess Online  Anatoly Karpov's official website. Chess products and featured articles. The Internet Chess Index has merged with Links By Harris to produce this excellent site, replete with links and articles.

The Chess Cafe One of the best chess magazines on the web. It carries regular columns by a number of excellent writers and players.

Duif's Place Chess For Fans And Tournament Players. Includes the International Directory of Chess Teachers and Guides for Parents and Kids who play.

Chess Journal website devoted to teaching chess and improving one's game.

La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia Extensive chess reference site with everything from ECO codes to players to history.  Searchable.

FICS  A free internet chess server.  Some DCC members frequent it. Here you can get all the info you need to log on. GM Babakuli Annakov's  site.

The Chess Portal  A collection of chess links for a wide-variety of sites, well organized and sorted.