2018 Dallas Chess Club FIDE Open Chess Tournaments

at Dallas Chess Club


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2018 DCC Fide Open XI, 7SS, G/90 with 30 sec inc. Dallas Chess Club, 200 S. Cottonwood Dr. #C, Richardson, TX 75080. Two sections: Open and Reserve. Two Schedules, 4 day or 3 day. Open Section $$875G. FIDE and USCF rated but uses FIDE rules. Will use USCF ratings and rules for pairings and awarding prizes. Default late forfeiture time is one hour. TD may extend this time at TD’s discretion. Note that Foreign players must disclose their FIDE ID number before 1st round in order to play. Note that USA Players with no FIDE ID must disclose their DOB and email address.   $500-$250-$125. EF: 2400+ $125, 2000-2399 $90, 1600 -1999 $99, U1600 $125, Senior/Birthday during tournament/Additional Family Member $55. Dallas Chess Club membership required or pay $20 non-member fee. Small Minimum prize to the First three GM/IM’s who apply. GM/IM must play all rounds to get minimum prize. Reserve: Open to USCF U2000. This section is not Fide Rated but is USCF rated and uses USCF rules. EF: $40. The Reserve gives back 10% in prizes and if at least 8 paid entries and if there is a clear winner, then that winner receives free entry to next DCC Fide Open. In the reserve section, Tournament reserves the right to use Fide rules on electronic devices and on starting White’s clock at start of a round and to use FIDE pairing rules. Also clocks will be set to ‘halt at end’. Both: Registration: 4 day 5:00 - 5:45 on Thurs 11/22. Rds.: Thurs 6 pm, Friday 2:30 pm, 7:00 pm, Sat 11am -4:30pm, Sun 9:00am-2pm. Reg 3 day on Friday 9 am - 9:45 am, Rd 1 at 10 am then merge with 4 day. Two half point Bye allowed if requested before end of round rd 2 and before getting full point bye, but half point byes for both rounds 6 AND 7 is not allowed. Withdrawals and zero point last round byes are not eligible for prizes. ENT: Make/mail Checks payable to Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley TX, 76036-4719. 214.632.9000. Info: 214-632-9000, info@dallaschess.com  NS. NC. FIDE.  JGP


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3 day schedule means play round 1 friday morning 10 am and 4 day schedule means play round 1 thursday evening 6 pm.

Byes. Two 1/2 point byes allowed if requested before the end of round 2 and before any full point bye is awarded.

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