Region III Tournaments

The Dallas Chess Club runs a number of tournaments during the week; for these please check the DCC Calendar. If you have surfed into an unframed version of this page, click here for the full site with navigational frame. Unless otherwise stated, all tournaments listed on this page require USCF membership. You can join or renew your USCF membership online.  (These links will take you to the USCF site.)


The Dallas Chess Club hosts the Region 3 web page as a courtesy to The Texas Chess Association. This page is for informational purposes only. The Dallas Chess Club does not necessarily endorse any non Dallas Chess Club event on this page. Please send region 3 information to Robert Jones, the Region 3 director.

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8-24-2010 Chess Database.

One of our Dallas Chess Club members has compiled a big database of chess games (over 12 million records) onto a DVD.  If you would like a copy come by and play in our tournament and ask for one.  First come/first served.

 Tournaments & Events

20-21 August 2016                            Register online using paypal

US Chess Junior Grand Prix!    Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points: 20 (Enhanced)

2016 DCC FIDE Open XI, 5SS, G/90 inc/30. Dallas Chess Club, 200 S. Cottonwood Dr. #C, Richardson, TX 75080. Two sections: Open and Reserve. Open: $$875G. FIDE and US Chess rated but uses FIDE rules. Use US Chess ratings and rules for pairings and for awarding prizes. Default late forfeiture time is one hour. TD may extend this time at TD’s discretion. Note that Foreign players must disclose their FIDE ID number before 1st round in order to play. Note that USA Players with no FIDE ID must disclose their email address. $$ $500-$250-$125. EF: 2400+ $125, 2000-2399 $90, 1600 -1999 $99, U1600 $125, Senior/Birthday during tournament/Additional Family Member $55. For DFW area players, Dallas Chess Club membership required or pay $20 non member fee. Small appearance fee to the First three GM/IM’s who apply. GM/IM must play all rounds to get appearance fee (appearance fee shall be deducted from prize). Reserve: Open to players rated below 2000 USCF. This section is not Fide Rated but is US Chess rated and uses US Chess rules. EF: $40. The Reserve give back 10% in prizes and if at least 8 paid entries and if there is a clear winner, then that winner receives free entry to next DCC Fide Open. In the reserve section, Tournament reserves the right to use Fide rules on electronic devices and on starting White’s clock at start of a round and to use FIDE pairing rules. Both: Reg.: Saturday from 9:45–10:15 am. Rds.: Sat 10:45 am-3:10pm-7:16pm, Sun 9:45 am-2:10pm. One half point Bye allowed if requested before end of round 2 and before getting full point bye. Withdrawals and zero point last round byes are not eligible for prizes. Note that house players (if required) must pay $5 per round and be US Chess members. ENT: Make/mail Checks payable to Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036-4719. Info: 214-632-9000, FIDE.

1-5 Sept 2016                                    Web Page
2016 North American Junior (U20) Chess Championships,
9 rounds using Swiss pairing system. 90 minutes per player for the whole game with the addition of 30 seconds per move from the first move. 2 Sections: Open and Girls. Tournament is open to players born on or after January 1st 1996. Players must be from USA, Mexico, Bermuda and Canada. Each National Federation may register as many players as it wishes. All participants (except USA players) must be endorsed by their FIDE recognized National Chess Federation. In addition, each National Federation may register one official player per category plus a Head of Delegation (HoD). Official players and HoD’s receive free lodging, breakfast, and hotel restaurant coupons for lunch and dinner. EVENT SCHEDULE: Arrival Day: September 1st. Player’s meeting 6 pm on 9/1. Round 1: 9/1 at 7:30 pm. Round 2: 9/2 at 1 pm. Round 3: 9/2 at 7:30 pm. Round 4: 9/3 at 2:00 pm. Round 5: 9/3 at 7:30 pm. Round 6: 9/4 at 11 am. Round 7: 9/4 at 4:30 pm. Round 8: 9/5 at 9 am. Round 9: 9/5 at 2:30 pm. Closing ceremony (attendance is Optional): 9/5 7:30 pm. TIEBREAKS: In event of equal scores, the following tiebreaks will be used: 1. Direct encounter, 2 Median Bucholz, 3 Most wins, and 4 Younger player. APPEALS: The Appeals Committee shall consist of 3 members plus 2 reserves. The Appeals Committee shall be determined at the players meeting on September 1. If possible, three Federations shall be represented on the Appeals Committee. An appeal against the decision of an Arbiter must be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter, within two hours after the end of the playing session. The appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $100 US. This fee shall be refunded if the appeal is successful. The Appeals Committee may also decide to refund the fee if it considers that the appeal was not frivolous. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, binding and takes immediate effect. AWARDS: The winners of the Female and Open Divisions will earn the following awards from FIDE: Gold/Clear first = 9 round GM or WGM norm and IM or WIM title. Equal first after tiebreaks = WIM or IM title, Silver and Bronze = 9 round WIM or IM norm and WFM/FM title. These awards are subject to FIDE Title regulation 1.13a. The winners, if still eligible, shall be considered official players in the North American U20 in 2017. In addition, the winners shall also have the right to participate in the 2017 Pan-Am U20 as official players. EVENT FEES: All event fees are payable in US Dollars. Tournament Fee: Official players $100, additional players $150. Organizer fee: $25 for all accompanying persons. The fee for all registration received after 4 pm on 9/1 will be $180. Non Hotel Fee: $65 for all players not staying at the host Doubletree Hotel. LOCATION/ACCOMMODATION: Doubletree DFW Airport North, 4441 W. John Carpenter Fwy., Irving, TX 75063. Hotel rates: $99 with continental breakfast for up to 4 registered guests/$109 with Full Breakfast Buffet for up to two registered guests/$119 with Full Breakfast Buffet for up to four registered guests, 972-929-8181or 800-222-8733 reserve by 8/11 and ask for Dallas Chess Club rate. Players Flying into DFW airport may call the Doubletree and have the hotel pick them up at the airport. WEBSITE and CONTACTS: Registration details can be found on the official website  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us: IA, IO Francisco Guadalupe,  or FA, IO Luis Salinas,  This tournament is FIDE rated and uses FIDE rules

2 or 3-5 Sept 2016                                        Web Page

82nd Annual Southwest Open   GPP: 40 Enhanced   Texas 7SS G/90 with 30 sec inc. Doubletree DFW Airport North, 4441 W John Carpenter Fwy, Irving, TX 75063. $$ 8,950 b/175 full entries, 75% Gtd. 3 Sections and scholastic side events: Open: (This section is FIDE rated and uses FIDE rules.  USCF rules/ratings used for awarding prizes. USCF ratings used for pairing purposes. Players not at the board within 60 minutes of the start of the round will forfeit game unless arbiter decides to grant more time.)  Please check tournament website for rules about FIDE registration. $$ 1,000-500-250, 2200-2399 $700, U2200 $700-350. Reserve: U2000. $$ 800-400-200. B $600-300-150, U1600 $500-250-125. Novice: U1400 and Unrated. $$ $500-250-125, E  $400-200, U1000 $300-150 Unrated $200. All 3: Except for approved Electronic scorekeeping devices, no electronics are allowed in the playing area during the round. This includes rest rooms in playing area. This rule applies to players, parents, coaches. TCA membership required. Other states accepted. EF: $89 if received by 8/26, else $99. $82 Junior(U19) if received by 8/26 else $90 (juniors count as 90% toward base), Senior (over 65)/Handicap/Additional family participant/Birthday during event , $53 if received by 8/26 else $65 (Senior/Handicap/Additional family participant counts 60% toward base). Add $5 for CC phone entries; pre-reg. requires pre-payment. After 8/30/16 all registration and changes on site only; all changes including withdrawals, $10 after 8/30/16. 4 day: Reg. Friday 9/2, 6:15 pm-7:05. Rds. Fri.: 7:30, Sat.: 2:00 pm - 7:30, Sun: 11:00 am - 4:30 pm, Mon.: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm. 3 day: Reg. Sat. 9/3, 8-8:25 am, Rd. 1 at 9 am then merge with 4 day. Foreign Unrated must play in Open section. Tournament may use CCA rules for foreign ratings and for minimum ratings. Registrations that do not indicate 4 or 3 day schedule will be put in the 3 day. HR: $99 with continental breakfast for up to 4 registered guests/$109 with Full Breakfast Buffet for up to two registered guests/$119 with Full Breakfast Buffet for up to four registered guests, 972-929-8181or 800-222-8733 reserve by 8/11 and ask for Dallas Chess Club rate. Up to two ½-pt byes available if requested before end of rd. 2, but byes for both rd. 6 AND 7 not permitted. Tournament reserves the right to use an analog clock with equivalent time control under special circumstances (not in open section). Texas Chess Association meeting on Sunday 9/4 at 8:30 am.  

K-12 Scholastic on Saturday, 9/3. 5-SS, G/30, d/5, EF: $31 by 8/26, $45 thereafter; Pre-reg. requires pre-payment. After 8/30/16 all registration and changes on site only; all changes $10 after 8/30/16. No refunds after 8/30/16, $10 handling fee for refunds before 8/30/16. Entries do not count toward base in Open, Reserve and Novice. Registration: 9:15-9:45 am, Rd. 1 at 10:20 am, rest ASAP with small lunch break. Sections: K-12 Championship and K-12 U1000. Prizes: Trophies to top 12 individuals, five teams in each section. K-12 U1000 also top three unrateds. Medals to Players who do not win a trophy. ALL: Ent: Dallas Chess Club, C/O Barbara Swafford, 2709 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036. Info: Barb Swafford, 214-632-9000, NS. NC. W. FIDE. JGP for Non scholastic side events.

10 Sept 2016                                Tournament Flyer

EAST TEXAS SCHOLASTIC CHESS TOURNAMENT, All Saints Episcopal School, Lower Student Center, 2695 S. SW Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701Two Scholastic Sections, September 2016 published rating will be used, SECTION A: SCHOLASTIC AMATEUR, K to K12 students, 5 Swiss System Rounds   Game in 30 minutes (G30). Prizes: Trophies to top 3 individuals, Class Prizes: Trophies to top 3 K-6 individuals who did not win a trophy, SECTION B: SCHOLASTIC NOVICE, K to K12 students with USCF Rating <500. 5 Swiss System Rounds   Game in 30 minutes (G30),Prizes: Trophies to top 3 individuals, Class Prizes: Trophies to top 3 K-3 individuals who did not win a trophy, Onsite Registration: 8:30AM to 9:00AM, Players must arrive by 9:00AM to check in, Round 1 starts at 9:30AM, all other rounds to follow ASAP, Entry Fee: $20, Make checks payable and mail to: TYLER CHESS CENTER, 541 Contenders Way, Tyler, TX 75703. Tournament is USCF rated. USCF membership required to play.