Java Games

Here are some game files from Dallas tournaments which can be viewed using the Chess Tutor Java Viewer.  If you want to download any of these PGN files, most are available in zipped files on our download page.

Click on the file you wish to view, then click on a game and a board window will appear.

Board: If the board is too small increase the board size by going to "Options" and clicking "Increase Board" once, twice, or more. You can also flip the board.

Variations: Where there are variations there will be a blue square beside the move. Click "Variations" in the menu to see the alt line and commentary. Likewise, sub-variations will be marked with a blue square next to the variation notation.

This browser is not Java enabled.

List of game files:



 File Name

Brag file of best/favorite games of DCC players.  Submit your game.
File updated Jan. 24, 2002
6 best-fav.pgn
Texas State Championship, 2003 103 txchamp03.pgn
Texas State Championship, 2002 97 txchamp02.pgn
Texas Masters 2002 37 TxMas02.pgn
DCC GP8, 2002 41 DCC GP8.pgn
DCC GP3, 2001
File updated on this page Nov. 29, 2001
36 DCCGP3.pgn
2001 Dallas Open, Amateur & Novice
File updated on this page Nov. 29, 2001
27  do-01-b.pgn
2001 J.C. Thompson Memorial
File updated on this page Nov. 29, 01
143 jct-01b.pgn
2001 3rd Ken Smith Memorial
File updated Apr. 4, 2001
81 KSMO1.pgn
2000 Dallas Open, Amateur & Novice 54 dopn00.pgn
2000 J.C. Thompson Memorial 102 JCThompson.pgn
2000 Ken Smith Memorial Tournament
More games added July 18, 2000.
40 ksm2000.pgn
2000 Texas Junior Invitational 30 tji2000.pgn
2000 Texas State and Amateur Championship 160 TexasCh.pgn
2000 TexOhma Open, Amateur & Novice         83 texoh00.pgn
1999 65th Southwest Open         157 swo99.pgn
1999 Ken Smith Memorial Tournament 151 kensmith.pgn
1999 Texas Junior Invitational   23 stji.pgn
1999 Texas State & Amateur Championship 93 99st1.pgn
Kaidanov Simul, March 27, 1999 18 kai_sim.pgn
1999 TexOhma Open 8 texohm99.pgn
1998 Dallas Open, Amateur, and Novice   22 dalopn98.pgn
1998 Futurity Qualifier                               18 future98.pgn
1998 DFW Class Championship       77 dfw-98.pgn
1997 Dallas Open & Class Championship 47 do97.pgn